Union Officer and Steward Job Descriptions

Union Officer and Steward Job Descriptions


The AFSCME 3548 Constitution outlines job descriptions and responsibilities for Union Officers and the Chief Steward.  The current Constitution (effective September 14, 2001) can be viewed here for these job descriptions:




The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (effective April 21, 1995) allows the Union to appoint up to twenty Stewards.  Stewards can be appointed by the Union to fill many different roles.  For example, a Steward could be appointed to oversee an particular office or department at the Agency.  Anyone with a problem or concern in that office would be directed to that particular Steward.  Similarly, Stewards can be appointed to deal with a particular issue or concern of the Union, such as Grievances, or Employee Professional Development, or Union Membership.   Some, but not all, work done by Stewards may be done on Agency time.  The general rule is that if the matter is contractually required by the Union-Agency Contract, the Steward may use Agency time.  For example, if a Steward was working with an employee who was filing a grievance against their supervisor, that Steward's time is accountable to Agency time.  However, if a Steward is spending time trying to encourage employees to join the Union, then that time is NOT accountable to Agency time.


The following is a list of Steward Titles and Job Descriptions that the Union has identified for possible Steward appointments -


Steward for XXXXX Office Representation -  The job of this Steward is to represent the issues and concerns of the bargaining unit members in a particular office or department within the Agency.  In such cases, the XXXXX in the Steward's title is replaced by the department's name.  For example, this might be the "Steward for Volunteer Support Office Representation."  These Stewards are also responsible for representing the Union's position on matters within that office or department.  If the Union hears of a concern or issue within that office, it will refer the matter to this Steward (unless it is seen that a conflict-of-interest exists).  If any employee within this office or department needs to file a grievance or otherwise requires Union help, this Steward will be responsible for coordinating that grievance, or coordinating efforts between that employee and other Union resources (other Stewards, Officers, AFSCME Staff, etc.).


Steward for Grievances, Disciplinary, and Adverse Actions - The job of this Steward is to oversee and coordinate all grievances, and oversee any disciplinary/adverse actions against any CBU member being conducted within the Agency.  There is a high expectation that this Steward will be trained at the Union's expense, and on Agency time, for this role to the utmost capability.  Such training will be of the highest priority to the Union for any Steward appointed to this position.  While this Steward may play a hands-on role in working with any employees filing a grievance, or involved in a disciplinary/adverse action, they may also simply play an advisory role to another Steward coordinating a particular grievance.


Steward for Membership and Outreach - This Steward is responsible for coordinating efforts within the Union to increase membership in, interest, and awareness of the Union within the Collective Bargaining Unit (CBU).  The Steward is responsible for implementing any social events called for by the Union that have the intended purpose of increasing awareness of the Union by the CBU.  This Steward is also responsible for implementing any "Membership Drives" called for by the Union.  A singularly important responsibility of this Steward is to ensure that the Union's role and rights are exercised at each New Employee Orientation (NEO) at headquarters and in the Regional Offices.  All new members will submit their enrolling paperwork through this Steward, who will then be responsible to ensure the Local Officers, AFSCME Staff, and Agency HR Personnel are informed of the enrollment.  This Steward will be responsible for ensuring the Agency and AFSCME Staff have followed through with their responsibilities in enrolling the employee as a Union member (e.g., payroll deductions, membership cards, etc.).  Finally, this Steward will be responsible for ensuring a list of Local Members, and any information dispersal protocols established for those members (mail lists, listservs, personal phone lists, etc), are maintained in a current manner.


Steward for Rules, Regulations, and Office Reorganizations - This Steward is responsible for coordinating the Union response to Management for any rule or regulation changes affecting "conditions of employment," or Office Reorganizations.  This Steward is responsible for ensuring any timelines for these matters are strictly adhered to, or working with Management if they believe extensions are warranted and required.  This Steward will be responsible for determining if, when, and who among the CBU should be consulted or polled for their opinion and views on these matters.  This Steward will be responsible for determining if their are any issues that require a "Notice of Disagreement" to be filed with Management, and following that process thru to completion.  Finally, this Steward is responsible for drafting and submitting to Management the official Union Comment Memo.  If Management's opts to respond to the Union Comment Memo, this Steward will be responsible for distributing that response to any affected CBU members.


Steward of Website Design and Digital Maintenance - This Steward will act as the Union Webmaster and electronic resources manager.  This Steward will be responsible for ensuring that all the Local's digital resources (website, digital filing system, listservs, email system, etc.) are maintained in an appropriate and secure manner.  This Steward will be responsible for ensuring information is stored in a consistent fashion.  This Steward will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate and necessary people are trained in how to use the Local's electronic resources.  This Steward will be responsible for ensuring that any upcoming or potential costs for maintaining or improving those resources are reported in a timely and appropriate fashion to the Secretary-Treasurer.  Finally, this Steward will be responsible for advising the Union leadership on what new technologies or techniques are available to help the Union conduct its business more effectively and efficiently.


Steward of Collective Bargaining -  This Steward is responsible for coordinating, organizing,  and maintaining information on the Union's position regarding Contract changes (or for future Collective Bargaining) for a renewed Agency-Union Contract.  This Steward will be responsible for organizing any caucusing sessions among Union Member or the CBU in preparation of Collective Bargaining.  The Steward in the position at the time of a Contract re-negotiation will be expected to play a role on the Union's Negotiating Team, at the discretion of the Local's leadership team.


Steward of General Responsibilities - A Steward may be named by the Union with "General" responsibilities.  Such a Steward will receive their credentials and responsibilities at the time they are appointed.